MC Challenge #44: Drift

Drift wins MC Challenge #44. More details to come.

MC Challenge #43: CF

CF, another seasoned challenger returned to take a spot in the US finals. By many accounts, Soul Khan, DNA and CF were the standouts of MC Challenge #43. So far, advancing to the US finals are: AM Zilla, CF and C-Rayz Walz.

The World Finals will be held in Berlin, Germany on July 17th, 2010, and one of these MC’s may be there repping the US.

If you want to get a shot at the challenge, sign up at

MC Challenge #42: C-Rayz Walz

C-Rayz Walz wins MC Challenge #42
C-Rayz Walz wins MC Challenge #42

C-Rayz Walz wins MC Challenge #42

An all-star line up pitted C-Rayz Walz against challenge veteran Pumpkinhead and newcomer Quest, among others. C-Rayz pulled out the victory by just a few points over PH, who we expect to see back in the Challenge some day.

C-Rayz was on a 5+ year hiatus from the MC Challenge, after winning the Challenge of Champions but missing the Grand Championship. Reef Da Lost Cause went on to take the reigning title of US Grand Champion.

Rayz will advance to the 9th Challenge of Champions and have a shot at representing the US in the 2010 World Finals, in Berlin, Germany on July 17th 2010.

MC Challenge #41: AM Zilla

AM Zilla

AM Zilla wins his way into the challenge from the Rhyme-Off and manages to pull out a solid victory. Switching effortlessly between writtens and freestyles, AMzilla controlled the challenge from start to finish.

AM Zilla

AM Zilla, winner of MC Challenge #41

Niles put on a strong showing, and there were no “lambs” in this challenge. Big up to AM Zilla for taking down the debut MC Challenge of the Season

MC Challenge Season 8 Champion: Dirty Mac

Friday November 28th we held the EOW MC Challenge of Champions at Southpaw in Brooklyn, USA. It was an amazing night for all lovers of hip hop. Not only were we there to rock the Challenge, but we had to give the fans a dope line up of artists as well. Once the doors opened, DJ Calabrass warmed up the crowd a slew of classics, and some obscure gems. All the pre-show hype had New York buzzing, and before we knew it, we had a full house.

3 Kings jumped off the show as usual, with a hot intro set, getting the crowd worked up and making sure they were ready to get live.

First up, was a special set by the EOW:UK All Stars. DJ Snuff, the founder of EOW:UK brought along Kingpin (EOW:UK Host) and a few UK Challenge winners, Dubbledge and Jack Flash.

Next up was the AOK Collective, and Fresh Daily, P.Casso and Nola Darling showed why they they are making waves.

Jess Jamez Figueroa then jumped up to showcase some new material off his upcoming album. Jess brings so much energy and charisma on stage, you know why EOW is behind this cat 110% and ready to blast his new album everywhere.

Kay-M and Ill Answer rocked, and got busy.

Svengali Brothers (Iron Solomon and Vanguard) took the stge and murdered it.

Then the Challenge!

Nems, Final Outlaw, and Hassan Salaam came with some real fire, but in the end it came down to Mogoose and Dirty Mac. The score was so close we had to go to the rarely used 6th round, which is the Freestlye Grab Bag/Beat Juggling/Cipher Skills combo round. Dudes basically have to use the grab bag while the DJ is switching up beats and trade four bars with eachother. Ridiculous.

In the end, there can only be one, and Dirty Mac earned it.

We’ll be flying him out to London in February to compete in the World Championship against the champs from the UK, France, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and New Zealand.

Congratulations Dirty!

For more information on Dirty Macadoscious check out…

To wrap the show up, we brought out Charles Hamilton who fired off some his very much talked about songs, and then called out to the crowd for MCs to join him on stage, and went in for a massive power cipher.

It was another great night for EOW!

Also big up to our guest judges for the night:

Crazy Legs, Emskee and Pumpkinhead

MC Challenge # 40: Nems

The final challenge of the season and last shot at this seasons Championship… the MC who takes the prize? Coney Island’s own… FYL’s own… Nems! The Brooklyn Native said he just wanted to win the cash prize, which he did over a field of contestants that was stronger then it may have seemed.

Pressure came back to try for the title, and was joined by Dumbfoundead, Hypnotiq and 3 Tag Records Rhyme-Off winners… LaJune, Chanelle and Lyraflip.

Nems drew #1 from the hat and started the competition with rough lines like “… might sniff an eight ball an smack you with a pool stick…” before consistently proving himself in the A capela round, Grab Bag, Beat Juggling and Cypher Skills.

We were all lucky that Nems didnt get the staple gun from the Grab Bag, but he did find an unlikely partner in crime in his Cypher Skills match up with Dumbfoundead from the Asian Hip-Hop Summit Tour, who brought his LA swagger to the competition.

Nems will join Mongoose, Hasan Salaam, Dirty Mac & Final Outlaw in the Challenge of Champions coming up in late September. This will decide who goes to London and reps the US in the International MC Challenge Championship. Stay tuned to find out the headliner… trust me, you’re going to want to hop on Orbitz and cop that overpriced flight!

MC Challenge # 39: Dirty Mac

We started off Sunday night with a great set from DJ Snips – an EOW representative from the U.K. He played that official CRACK Hip-Hop to set the mood for the night and then we went in. Zoo & Vice jumped off the night with a hot warm-up and then went right to action. We saw great songs from: Ghetto Terrorists, Lockwise, Mirak, Showtime, JBoogz, Jon D., Khalil Kash, Whyteout, Mental Supreme and the incredible Jess Jamez.

We also saw some hot showcases from: J. Vega, Big Sqrip from Make A Move, Midas (from EOW Orlando) and a special performance from Access Immortal. Karneige and Double AB – all of this was dope but it was really about the MC Challenge.

Those of you who have never seen a challenge (God bless you) are missing the greatest MC competition on Earth. There are 5 rounds of competition and the level of competition on Sunday was HIGH. We had: Rugged N’ Raw, Marco, Anonymous, Dirty-Mac and Revolution.

The grab bag round was especially good and during this round Marco started to subliminally throw shots at Dirty-Mac. Even though this was all done in jest the judges of the Challenge know that this is not a battle and it was actually designed to serve as the anti-battle. It is truly the evolution of MC competitions and as a result Marco lost several points. Marco was warned by the hosts that this might hurt his chances of winning but he continued to go at Dirty-Mac all the way through the Cypha Skills round. Mac continued to ignore Marco until his last 4 bars, where he was forced to defend himself and dissed Marco at the end. The results were hilarious and in the end Marco got his just desserts: the winner of the MC Challenge was DIRTY-MAC!!!

Marco is an EOW soldier and I’m sure there are no hard feelings but this is a lesson for all future competitors make sure you concentrate on elevating your own skills in the challenge and not just trying to dis the next MC, even in jest.

EOW continues to be the greatest FLOW on Earth!



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MC Challenge # 38: Hasan Salaam

This challenge was legendary from the start because we had our founding DJ-Scram Jones spinning for the entire challenge with his own original beats. This is something that has never been done before and the results were incredible! (We even had 2 contestants who wanted to rock over their own songs but they quickly agreed to alter their plans when they heard that they were going to spit over original Scram instrumental).

The contestants were: Anonymous, Hasaan-Salaam, Sneed & Homeboy Sandman -and the challenge was excellent! I gotta keep it funky Anonymous & Sneed are both good MC’s but they were dwarfed by the lyrical prowess of Hasaan and Sandman. These two ran ahead of the competition as early as round 2. They killed it w/ charisma, stage presence, raw lyrics and original flows. (We always keep our personal feelings on the challenge really quiet but “fuck it” this is MY re-cap) I personally think that both of these MC’s are incredible in their own rights and they have proven themselves inside and outside of the DUB several times in front of my own eyes but last night they both outdid themselves. I think Hasaan came with culture lyrics and great stage control but in my eyes Sandman had a flawless performance.

In the end the scores were tabulated and Hasaan came in 4 points above Sandman. We have had discussions in the past about what we should do if the scores were that close and last night we had to reveal the infamous 6th Round. In this bonus round the 2 MC’s have to spit 4 bars – back to back while the DJ is beat Juggling and the 3 Kings judge the final outcome! This shit was NUTS-NUTS-and more NUTS!!! (pause) Both MC’s hopped on the stage ready to go in and the crowd went CRAZY! They spit back to back, continued each other’s sentences and complimented each other’s flows and in the end the winner was Hasaan-Salaam!

DAAAYUUUUM that shit was hot! Sneaky Pete got on after the challenge for his showcase and then we had a superstar rhyme off with: Rugged N’ Raw, Juggla, DVS, Angel and my man Fresh Daily!

Another CLASSIC night at the MIGHTY EODUB!!!

MC Challenge # 37: Final Outlaw

And the winner is… Final Outlaw! That’s rights ladies and gentlemen, the winner of MC Challenge # 37 is Mr. Hip Hop Forever himself. The competition was tight, the crowd was hyped and having a wonderful time, at the end of an impressive show by some great Mcs, consistency won the challenge. Rugged and Raw and Prezzure rounded out the top three in class, literally. Both these cats rocked the shirt and tie steeze and did one of the most entertaining rounds of the night, trade fours! Flex Matthews out of Washington was in NY beating up rounds too,with non-stop freestyles, he definintely proved his skill. All in all it was a great challenge coming to EOWtv soon.

You know EOW is the longest running OPEN-Mic, so there was def ample talent in the house doing their thing.We also had a great showcase by the Gecko Brothers, who showed heads how REAL hip- hop does it, lyrically. EOW continues to prove that we have one of the greatest shows in NYC, come through and see it live every Sunday.

MC Challenge #36: Mongoose

  1. The NY Giants won the Superbowl last night!!!
  2. I’m saying…l The Giants won the Superbowl last night!!!
  3. Is for Challenge. The MC Challenge is the evolution in MC competition and last night was a classic! Dramatic, Backwordz, Reason Hall, Mental Vision, Mongoose & Kosha Dillz were all competitors in the first challenge of the new season and crowd favorite Mongoose took home the crown with skill & consistency.
  4. Doug. That’s our bouncer/bodyguard/doorman/<wbr></wbr>family. Yesterday was his born-day. Salute.
  5. Equality. That’s my wife. Yesterday was her born-day. Hope you had a great B-day weekend. Salute.
  6. Fool. As in “I wasn’t at EOW last night, I feel like a _____.
  7. Giants. They won the Superbowl last night.
  8. Happy. The way people feel when they’re at EOW.
  9. International. The winner of this season’s MC Challenge of Champions will go to London to rep EOW US in the International challenge. Shout out to the international conference call that was made earlier in the day, that I missed (my soul weeps) monumental. Shout-out to Webbie who is in Europe (Berlin right now, I think) reppin’ the DUB worldwide!!!
  10. James Bong. Super Manager. Pushing the DUB in new directions. Salute.
  11. Kosha Dillz. The Super Hebrew MC! He had an incredible showing last night. He bodied at least 3 rounds. Good Luck on your upcoming tour. L’Chayim!
  12. Likwid and Sarakana back and forth 4-bar freestyles right before we jumped off the challenge. Skills and great showmanship. Or show-womanship. Salute.
  13. Mongoose. The winner of the MC Challenge. Consistent, clever flows in every round. You’ve been in the mix with us for a while. Last night was a well-deserved, hard-earned victory. Salute.
  14. Nonezeo. The extra hands during the challenge. Judging/scoring/grab-bagging. Salute.
  15. Open-Mic. We are the longest running weekly open mic in NYC for a reason. Thank you to the true, progressive, loyal and essential family members that frequent the DUB and still care about Hip-Hop music. Salute.
  16. Propayne. General. Right Arm. Co-Host. We had our kids out on Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum of Art – getting some culture while we drank some beer. Bodied it last night with new writtens! I see you. Salute.
  17. Quality. Something rare at an open-mic but last night the performances displayed it. Dawn Powerz with a new song “Organic”. Ollie Ox with the “9 to 5: Cubicle Gangster” song. Hilarious. Jess Jamez & The Svegali Bros went in with verses. Special Shout to DJ Chela who spun for the challenge. You did an incredible job. Quality.
  18. Rhyson Hall and Mental Vision transformed into the “Dreadlock Mafia” during the Cypha Skillz round of the challenge. Competitive & Collaborative at the same time. Only at EOW.
  19. Shira. In celebration of Lady’s Night the MC Mistress who always gives us a sultry performance -came on stage with two ladies in cheerleader outfits. They danced/grinded while Shira rocked out through some new material with a live band. Sexy.
  20. Tight. Shira rocked in sexy referee outfit in honor of the Superbowl. Her sexy referee outfit was very ____.
  21. Understand. Understand that we do this every Sunday night at the Pyramid. 101 Ave. A bet. 6th & 7th Sts. Doors: 8pm. Damage:$10
  22. Vice. Veezy. Left Arm. Co-Host. Friday night was his born-day. We got it in as usual. Henny shots. Good Times. Salute.
  23. Wow. This is what people say after a Sunday night show at EOW.
  24. Xxtra. Doorman. Soldier. Employee of the month. Salute.
  25. You. You better get your mind right and come to EOW this Sunday!
  26. Zoo. That’s me and last night was one of the best times of my life. Salute.