The Rules of the MC Challenge

1st Round – Written Verse

90 seconds over music of challengers choice

2nd Round – A Capela Verse

60 seconds w/ no music

3rd Round – Freestyle Bag

Competitor uses 5 random objects in freestyle verse

4th Round – Beat Juggling

Competitor must rock with the DJ over 3 random beats

5th Round – Cypha Skills

2 competitors go back and forth for 4 bars each, 3 times. NOT A BATTLE

Each round 3 judges award from 1-5 points in each of the following skills:



Stage Presence


Crowd Response

5 skills x 5 rounds x 5 points = 125 perfect score x 3 judges = 375 PERFECT

NOTE: This scoring has been updated from the 1-10 scoring system used in the past. Read more about why


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