End Of the Weak MC Challenge – Born in NYC: A Global Hip-Hop Competition

Virtual MC Challenge #4

Virtual MC Challenge #3

Virtual MC Challenge #2

The 2nd installment of the Virtual MC Challenge (Aug 16, 2020)

Virtual MC Challenge #1


Over the last 18 years the MC Challenge has been held in over 25 countries across 5 continents. MCs from around the globe compete in regional competitions with winners advancing to a National Finals. Every year, all participating nations sends a champion to represent their country in the World Finals, where one MC is crowned the new World Champion.

2020 World Finals – TBD

This year’s End Of the Weak World Finals is TBD pending the COVID-19 pandemic

Previous World Finals Hosts:

2019 – Brussels, Belgium – Champion: Lobo El (France)

2018 – Paris, France – Champion: Osyris Antham (USA)

2017 – Prague, Czech Republic – Champion: Osyris Antham (USA)

2016 – Geneva, Switzerland – Champion: Synikal (Quebec)

2015 – Montreal, Quebec – Champion: Res Turner (France)

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The Rules

The MC Challenge is 5 rounds, of competition, such as Written, A Capela and Freesytle Grab Bag, and judged on 5 skills, ncluding Lyrics, Creativity, Stage Presence and more.

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About The Challenge

The MC Challenge was invented as the evolution of the MC Battle. We envisioned a unique competition that tests the most talented MCs on a wide set of skills. In the MC Challenge, contestants compete in five rounds: Beat Juggling, Written’s, A Capella’s, Cypha’s, and the crowd favorite: Freestyle Grab Bag.

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