End Of the Weak NYC

EODub (End Of the Weak or EOW) was founded in 2000 by Big Zoo, Vice Verses,  Prolific, and James Calhoun, as one of the few weekly hip-hop live shows in NYC.  We are celebrating will be celebrating our 20 year anniversary season in 2020.  

EODub started in LES as a weekly events at Baby Jupiter, hosted by Big Zoo, Vice Verses,  Prolific, and DJ Scram Jones, where MCs were given a platform to hone their craft.  Many independent hip hop luminaries from New York got their start at EODub, including Immortal Technique, Homeboy Sandman, Nems and Iron Solomon. Over the past few years, Baxter Wordsworth has hosted EoDub with rotating hosts, and DJ Fred Ones on the tables. 

EODub has since expanded into 15 countries across 5 continents and 22 cities around the globe.  The trademark event is the “MC Challenge”, is an Olympic-style hip-hop competition which is held around the world.  The competition tests an MCs creativity, freestyle and song writing ability, flow, and stage performance. 

Each year, after the countries hold their MC Challenge season at home, the winners are flown out to participate in the EOW World Finals week, culminating in the EOW MC Challenge World Finals Competition, the only multi-lingual MC competition in the world.  

The World Finals is held in a different host country each year.  Over the last three years it has been held in Brussels, Belgium, Paris, France, and Prague, Czech Republic. This year, in late October 2020, the World Finals will take place in New York City, which will be a celebration in conjunction with our 20th Anniversary.  

2014 World Finals in Uganda
2013 World Finals in UK




Here is a link to an article in Complex Magazine about the EODub: