Vice Verses Tribute

Wednesday -
World Wide
Vice Verses Tribute


In true EOW and Vice Verses fashion, what began as a Zoom tribute has turned into the longest running international video conference call in history!

Sunday, April 19th at 2pm EST we began to honor our brother Jason "Vice Verses" Williams. Due to the impact that he has had on people all over the world, the gravity of this loss spanned every timezone.

When the remaining participants reluctantly began to fall asleep after a long night of sharing stories, people from the UK, France and early risers would log in and grab the baton.

We all take comfort during a time when we cant be together physically, knowing there is a space online where we can all see each other, and mourn our family.

People that found out about Vice's passing late are able to log in and speak their piece, without the pressure and time restriction of a traditional memorial. Every story is heard.

The decision has been made by Jason Williams immediate family to continue this non-stop Vice Fest until the "End of the Weak", Friday 3 pm EST, completing 121 hours. The significance of 121 is to commemorate i.2.i, a group he started with Prolific Wone.

We invite anybody that has been blessed to cross paths with Vice join us today 4/22/20 to share a story or sentiment!

At 4pm EST we will have DJ Keri (EOW France) spinning some songs to vibe to, after which we will have a cypher for anyone that wants to rap/freestyle.

We hope you can join us for this moment in history that was solely caused by the sheer impact of our amazing brother!

Click this link to join the memorial: