Chicago MC’s Showcase 2/17/13


Darrius Terrell Luckett aka “KD” is a young titan on the rise. His musical journey began at the age of 13, tapping into a creative spark that grew into a passion for rap and hip-hop. Being raised in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago, a neighborhood that unfortunately had and still does have a notorious reputation of poverty and violence, KD had a story to tell. He learned how to channel his anger, aggression and negative energies through his music. This type of energy was the focal point of musical content that is true and from the heart.

KD – My Apologies (produced by D. Brooks)

KD – Send This Bitch (produced by D. Brooks)




Yung Air

Often awakened in his Waukegan, IL home as a child on Sunday mornings by the sounds of Earth, Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson, or Stevie Wonder; Yung Air grew up with classic music pumping through his veins. From the tender age of 3 Yung air was able to captivate crowds of family and friends as he mimicked Michael Jackson’s classic moonwalk dance. As Yung Air grew older his attraction to music grew stronger. Still with a strong ability to entertain, He took his talent to cyphers as he freestyled his way to a new passion; Hip-Hop. Freestyling soon grew to song making as Yung Air and a group of childhood friends started releasing mixtapes and albums in high school. It wasn’t long before a majority of his classmates recognized his lyrical talent in the booth as well as his ability on the football field.

Yung Air – Oh my goodness

Yung Air – Que Ball PHE


Mr. Unknown

Mr. Unknown – The introduction

Mr. Unknown – Dont let me fold up

Mr. Unknown – Whole summer

YouTube Channel:
Twitter: @Jumpinjx21


Behanzin – Bad

Behanzin – Do Wut I Kan

Behanzin – Charlie Sheen Master



FaceGod – Whats The World Coming To

FaceGod – In The Booth

FaceGod – Hate Me

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