MC Challenge Official Rules (udpated)

The MC Challenge is judged on 5 skills in 5 rounds, with a score of 1-5 for each skill. A maximum score for a perfect MC Challenge would be 125 points per judge. NOTE: This scoring has been updated from the 1-10 scoring system used in the past. Read more about why

1st Round – Written Verse

60 seconds over music of challengers choice

2nd Round – A Capela Verse

60 seconds over no music

3rd Round – Freestyle Bag

Competitor uses 5 random objects in freestyle verse

4th Round – Beat Juggling

Competitor must rock with the DJ over 3 random beats

5th Round – Cypha Skills

2 competitors go back and forth for 4 bars each, 3 times.


Each round judges award from 1-10 points in each of the following skills:

Stage Presence
Crowd Response

5 skills x 5 rounds x 5 points = 125 perfect score


  1. How do I sign up for the MC Challenge?

    • To get into the MC Challenge either come perform on a Sunday and tell the hosts you are gunning for the Challenge, or come on the night of the Challenge and enter the RHYME OFF, where the crowd selects people to be in the challenge that night

  2. I would love to enter my artist into this competition!!. how old do you have to be to enter?.they are 19. If not can you recomend one that they are eligible for?


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