MC Challenge # 40: Nems

The final challenge of the season and last shot at this seasons Championship… the MC who takes the prize? Coney Island’s own… FYL’s own… Nems! The Brooklyn Native said he just wanted to win the cash prize, which he did over a field of contestants that was stronger then it may have seemed.

Pressure came back to try for the title, and was joined by Dumbfoundead, Hypnotiq and 3 Tag Records Rhyme-Off winners… LaJune, Chanelle and Lyraflip.

Nems drew #1 from the hat and started the competition with rough lines like “… might sniff an eight ball an smack you with a pool stick…” before consistently proving himself in the A capela round, Grab Bag, Beat Juggling and Cypher Skills.

We were all lucky that Nems didnt get the staple gun from the Grab Bag, but he did find an unlikely partner in crime in his Cypher Skills match up with Dumbfoundead from the Asian Hip-Hop Summit Tour, who brought his LA swagger to the competition.

Nems will join Mongoose, Hasan Salaam, Dirty Mac & Final Outlaw in the Challenge of Champions coming up in late September. This will decide who goes to London and reps the US in the International MC Challenge Championship. Stay tuned to find out the headliner… trust me, you’re going to want to hop on Orbitz and cop that overpriced flight!

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