MC Challenge # 39: Dirty Mac

We started off Sunday night with a great set from DJ Snips – an EOW representative from the U.K. He played that official CRACK Hip-Hop to set the mood for the night and then we went in. Zoo & Vice jumped off the night with a hot warm-up and then went right to action. We saw great songs from: Ghetto Terrorists, Lockwise, Mirak, Showtime, JBoogz, Jon D., Khalil Kash, Whyteout, Mental Supreme and the incredible Jess Jamez.

We also saw some hot showcases from: J. Vega, Big Sqrip from Make A Move, Midas (from EOW Orlando) and a special performance from Access Immortal. Karneige and Double AB – all of this was dope but it was really about the MC Challenge.

Those of you who have never seen a challenge (God bless you) are missing the greatest MC competition on Earth. There are 5 rounds of competition and the level of competition on Sunday was HIGH. We had: Rugged N’ Raw, Marco, Anonymous, Dirty-Mac and Revolution.

The grab bag round was especially good and during this round Marco started to subliminally throw shots at Dirty-Mac. Even though this was all done in jest the judges of the Challenge know that this is not a battle and it was actually designed to serve as the anti-battle. It is truly the evolution of MC competitions and as a result Marco lost several points. Marco was warned by the hosts that this might hurt his chances of winning but he continued to go at Dirty-Mac all the way through the Cypha Skills round. Mac continued to ignore Marco until his last 4 bars, where he was forced to defend himself and dissed Marco at the end. The results were hilarious and in the end Marco got his just desserts: the winner of the MC Challenge was DIRTY-MAC!!!

Marco is an EOW soldier and I’m sure there are no hard feelings but this is a lesson for all future competitors make sure you concentrate on elevating your own skills in the challenge and not just trying to dis the next MC, even in jest.

EOW continues to be the greatest FLOW on Earth!



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