MC Challenge # 38: Hasan Salaam

This challenge was legendary from the start because we had our founding DJ-Scram Jones spinning for the entire challenge with his own original beats. This is something that has never been done before and the results were incredible! (We even had 2 contestants who wanted to rock over their own songs but they quickly agreed to alter their plans when they heard that they were going to spit over original Scram instrumental).

The contestants were: Anonymous, Hasaan-Salaam, Sneed & Homeboy Sandman -and the challenge was excellent! I gotta keep it funky Anonymous & Sneed are both good MC’s but they were dwarfed by the lyrical prowess of Hasaan and Sandman. These two ran ahead of the competition as early as round 2. They killed it w/ charisma, stage presence, raw lyrics and original flows. (We always keep our personal feelings on the challenge really quiet but “fuck it” this is MY re-cap) I personally think that both of these MC’s are incredible in their own rights and they have proven themselves inside and outside of the DUB several times in front of my own eyes but last night they both outdid themselves. I think Hasaan came with culture lyrics and great stage control but in my eyes Sandman had a flawless performance.

In the end the scores were tabulated and Hasaan came in 4 points above Sandman. We have had discussions in the past about what we should do if the scores were that close and last night we had to reveal the infamous 6th Round. In this bonus round the 2 MC’s have to spit 4 bars – back to back while the DJ is beat Juggling and the 3 Kings judge the final outcome! This shit was NUTS-NUTS-and more NUTS!!! (pause) Both MC’s hopped on the stage ready to go in and the crowd went CRAZY! They spit back to back, continued each other’s sentences and complimented each other’s flows and in the end the winner was Hasaan-Salaam!

DAAAYUUUUM that shit was hot! Sneaky Pete got on after the challenge for his showcase and then we had a superstar rhyme off with: Rugged N’ Raw, Juggla, DVS, Angel and my man Fresh Daily!

Another CLASSIC night at the MIGHTY EODUB!!!

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