MC Challenge # 37: Final Outlaw

And the winner is… Final Outlaw! That’s rights ladies and gentlemen, the winner of MC Challenge # 37 is Mr. Hip Hop Forever himself. The competition was tight, the crowd was hyped and having a wonderful time, at the end of an impressive show by some great Mcs, consistency won the challenge. Rugged and Raw and Prezzure rounded out the top three in class, literally. Both these cats rocked the shirt and tie steeze and did one of the most entertaining rounds of the night, trade fours! Flex Matthews out of Washington was in NY beating up rounds too,with non-stop freestyles, he definintely proved his skill. All in all it was a great challenge coming to EOWtv soon.

You know EOW is the longest running OPEN-Mic, so there was def ample talent in the house doing their thing.We also had a great showcase by the Gecko Brothers, who showed heads how REAL hip- hop does it, lyrically. EOW continues to prove that we have one of the greatest shows in NYC, come through and see it live every Sunday.

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