MC Challenge #36: Mongoose

  1. The NY Giants won the Superbowl last night!!!
  2. I’m saying…l The Giants won the Superbowl last night!!!
  3. Is for Challenge. The MC Challenge is the evolution in MC competition and last night was a classic! Dramatic, Backwordz, Reason Hall, Mental Vision, Mongoose & Kosha Dillz were all competitors in the first challenge of the new season and crowd favorite Mongoose took home the crown with skill & consistency.
  4. Doug. That’s our bouncer/bodyguard/doorman/<wbr></wbr>family. Yesterday was his born-day. Salute.
  5. Equality. That’s my wife. Yesterday was her born-day. Hope you had a great B-day weekend. Salute.
  6. Fool. As in “I wasn’t at EOW last night, I feel like a _____.
  7. Giants. They won the Superbowl last night.
  8. Happy. The way people feel when they’re at EOW.
  9. International. The winner of this season’s MC Challenge of Champions will go to London to rep EOW US in the International challenge. Shout out to the international conference call that was made earlier in the day, that I missed (my soul weeps) monumental. Shout-out to Webbie who is in Europe (Berlin right now, I think) reppin’ the DUB worldwide!!!
  10. James Bong. Super Manager. Pushing the DUB in new directions. Salute.
  11. Kosha Dillz. The Super Hebrew MC! He had an incredible showing last night. He bodied at least 3 rounds. Good Luck on your upcoming tour. L’Chayim!
  12. Likwid and Sarakana back and forth 4-bar freestyles right before we jumped off the challenge. Skills and great showmanship. Or show-womanship. Salute.
  13. Mongoose. The winner of the MC Challenge. Consistent, clever flows in every round. You’ve been in the mix with us for a while. Last night was a well-deserved, hard-earned victory. Salute.
  14. Nonezeo. The extra hands during the challenge. Judging/scoring/grab-bagging. Salute.
  15. Open-Mic. We are the longest running weekly open mic in NYC for a reason. Thank you to the true, progressive, loyal and essential family members that frequent the DUB and still care about Hip-Hop music. Salute.
  16. Propayne. General. Right Arm. Co-Host. We had our kids out on Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum of Art – getting some culture while we drank some beer. Bodied it last night with new writtens! I see you. Salute.
  17. Quality. Something rare at an open-mic but last night the performances displayed it. Dawn Powerz with a new song “Organic”. Ollie Ox with the “9 to 5: Cubicle Gangster” song. Hilarious. Jess Jamez & The Svegali Bros went in with verses. Special Shout to DJ Chela who spun for the challenge. You did an incredible job. Quality.
  18. Rhyson Hall and Mental Vision transformed into the “Dreadlock Mafia” during the Cypha Skillz round of the challenge. Competitive & Collaborative at the same time. Only at EOW.
  19. Shira. In celebration of Lady’s Night the MC Mistress who always gives us a sultry performance -came on stage with two ladies in cheerleader outfits. They danced/grinded while Shira rocked out through some new material with a live band. Sexy.
  20. Tight. Shira rocked in sexy referee outfit in honor of the Superbowl. Her sexy referee outfit was very ____.
  21. Understand. Understand that we do this every Sunday night at the Pyramid. 101 Ave. A bet. 6th & 7th Sts. Doors: 8pm. Damage:$10
  22. Vice. Veezy. Left Arm. Co-Host. Friday night was his born-day. We got it in as usual. Henny shots. Good Times. Salute.
  23. Wow. This is what people say after a Sunday night show at EOW.
  24. Xxtra. Doorman. Soldier. Employee of the month. Salute.
  25. You. You better get your mind right and come to EOW this Sunday!
  26. Zoo. That’s me and last night was one of the best times of my life. Salute.

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