Big Zoo – Bio

 The Original Florist 

Big Zoo of Teaneck, NJ is co-founder of NYC’s longest-running weekly open-mic, End Of The Weak (EODUB). He’s one-half of the “Solid Ground” duo, one-third of the Three Kings trio and a 5-time, MTV Direct Effect Champion.

Big Zoo has graced features on Immortal Technique’s projects, he’s toured the world over with EODUB, including headlining performances in London, Spain, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Leader, Founder, Educator, “Family Man” & Freestyle Shogun are just some of the many titles you can use to describe this unique man. 

End Of The Weak 

In the year 2000 a series of fortunate events led to the formation of one of the most powerful secrets of the NYC hip-hop culture… End Of The Weak.

Big Zoo and Nonezeo made up Solid Ground (NJ), and they joined forces with i.2.i (NY), a duo featuring Prolific Wone & Vice Verses to host a weekly open-mic at the behest of DJ Joey Ty.

This union between two crews from different parts of the New York / New Jersey area birthed a 20+ yr. movement which has supported names like Immortal Technique, Homeboy Sandman & Iron Solomon.

This same platform would refuel the energies of pure unadulterated hip-hop in industry veterans like DMC, Ice-T & Lupe Fiasco just to name a few.

The two duos (Solid Ground & i2i) became a hosting trio (3 Kings) consisting of Vice Verses, Prolific Wone & Big Zoo, arguably one of the greatest live show hosts, who graciously hosted & roasted a who’s who of underground, to middle ground, to industry rappers, all while maintaining the sharpest blades possible. 

No Beast So Fierce 

In all of that work, you can see where an artist might get a bit caught up. Big Zoo, though a freestyle God, was still susceptible to the plights of man & indeed life compelled him to juggle the life of Husband, Father, and Educator, while still serving as a legendary pioneer of a 20+ yrs. WEEKLY movement. 

The Album

2020 was an unforgiving year, when dealt the worst of cards the best of men stand strong. So, while working to keep his family safe, and examining the racial landscape in America, he channeled his artistic energy into creating his first, formal, solo album… “No Beast So Fierce”. 

Floral Arrangements 

The Florist is back. See we live in a very interesting time in hip-hop in the year 2020, giving flowers finally became fashionable. The entire culture seems to be in a flower giving age, we have podcasts, shows, projects & artistic endeavors all centering around the idea of giving people their flowers while they can smell them. Big Zoo never needed an invitation to that party. 

He started that party when he helped establish the End Of the Weak. He established a weekly platform that allowed other artists to flourish and grow, he gave flowers to rappers that weren’t even aware they deserved them. Big Zoo helped you and everyone in this culture whether they’re aware of it or not, blueprint lying is never appreciated until somebody is sitting in a penthouse suite overlooking a city they didn’t help create. 

In an era where giving flowers has become fashionable, I think it’s only fair for a man whose entire career and artistry, that has been centered around giving out flowers, receives some flowers himself. Salute our legends while they’re still alive…and salute Big Zoo by listening to, examining and supporting his first solo LP…” No Beast, So Fierce”. 

Is it really giving flowers to give yourself the time to consume a body of music that’s sustenance in itself? Questionable surely, maybe something you’d even pique the legends interest with if you hypothetically posed the question to him yourself. The one thing that is for sure is that the man deserves some flowers. If my flowers to him don’t make you interested in checking out a man with these qualifications’ magnum opus, are you sure you even belong here reading this? After all we’re here for Hip-Hop and when a shogun like Big Zoo releases some music, it’s fairly logical for everybody to tune in.